Program Descriptions

C3KC is a day to be informed and inspired. A ticket to the event includes your choice of sessions with local and national leaders, including our keynote speakers Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans. Check back for updates of exciting speakers and topics. See our Schedule Page for details about each session. 


Kickoff Panel: Opportunities for our City
Kansas City leaders have a long history of effectively identifying issues and opportunities facing our city and the greater metropolitan area. Many times the resolution of problems come through the partnerships created between the corporate, civic and nonprofit world. Our panelists have unique perspectives on successful efforts of the past but also on current issues that could benefit from a collaborative approach between business, government and community organizations.

Leverage Your Civic Power: Creating a Path for Personal Engagement
We’re witnessing a reawakening of people’s desire to engage in politics, but for this new wave of civic engagement to be sustainable, our understanding of what political engagement looks like must be realistic and within our reach. Get inspired by panelists who will offer expertise to help you thoughtfully engage and demystify the ways to become involved in Kansas City with practical advice and strategies.

Board Design: Develop a System That Works in Today’s World
How boards carry out their roles behind closed boardroom doors is the real driver of success or failure. Together, Jay Lorsch, Harvard Business School Organizational Behavior scholar, and Scott Helm, Director, EMBA at UMKC will discuss how to approach Board design that explores a board’s role, size, leadership model and committees, member skills and experience, processes and practices and more. This discussion applies to all organizations seeking to improve board outcomes.

Trends in Fundraising
Kansas City has a strong philanthropic history and spirit, with significant involvement of major funders and individual donors. This discussion, featuring panelists representing all types of development activity will discuss trends in how individuals and organizations direct their charitable dollars. Included will be a conversation on how recent legislation and the current political and socio-economic climate affect overall giving.

For-Purpose Innovators: Changing the Landscape
How has collaboration and innovation fueled growth for these unique “for-purpose” organizations? Hear from local and national leaders of non-profit enterprises to understand the traction gained from a collaborative lens. Featuring Terri Sorensen, CEO, Friends of the Children, who recently received a multi-million-dollar gift from basketball legend Michael Jordan, and Audra Clark, of City Year, a new and fast growing effective model infused in Kansas City public schools. This panel will inspire your organization to think big!

Finding Fit: Using Your Brand’s Voice for Action
Take a trip down today’s cereal aisle and it’s easy to see we no longer live in a one-size-fits-all economy. Customization is where it’s at. When you’re required to stand out to be heard, it’s more important than ever to find the right fit for your brand voice. Whether your goal is to raise funds, gain traction or move public issues, tailored messages and the right channels can lead you to success. 

From Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership
We all harbor unconscious biases, whether we realize it or not. As leaders and team members of today’s top organizations, it is our responsibility to not only recognize our own biases, but to actively work towards overcoming them. Hear from three skilled professionals on how organizations and individuals can work to change behavior, which can make our civic, corporate and community spheres more collaborative, inclusive and effective. 

Civility in Public Discourse
Americans are more divided than ever, both on the hill and across the country. American Public Square is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that brings together non-like-minded people for fact-based, civil conversations about national, regional and local issues. This session will be a demonstration of the tactics they employ to engage presenters and audiences in conversations about challenging topics.

Corporate Social Responsibility: How to Build an Action Plan for your Organization
It’s true: for profit and for good can co-exist within the same corporation. Join prominent global business leader and B-Corporation proponent, Anne St. Peter, in a hands-on workshop where you can craft an action plan for your corporation to act as a force for good. Anne will speak to the benefits of corporate social responsibility; understanding the return on investment; and the responsibility we all have to act as good stewards of our community and our planet.

How Technology is Democratizing Our World
Individuals today have unprecedented access to innovative technology. How are we using it to create social change? How are today’s leaders navigating the digital transformation? Hear from three panelists with first-hand experience on how technology is enabling collaboration among our civic, corporate and community sectors. This panel will explore how individuals, leveraging innovative technology, have the power to make our community better!

A Seat at the Table: Perspectives on Women’s Collaborative Leadership
Recent MIT studies have shown that women are more adept than men at emotional intelligence, therefore better at leading groups through collaboration. Are women the secret to moving the needle? Kansas City’s top business, government and nonprofit leaders will share their stories on the importance of collaboration and why women are key to that discussion. Participants will leave the session with a renewed understanding of the importance of helping women rise to the top and fostering a sense of community through collaboration.

Design for Social Good: Innovation, Inclusion and Impact
Governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises are embracing concepts like Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development. However, the same technologies and approaches that promise solutions can also perpetuate or exacerbate systemic inequities. By grappling with systems and histories of inequity and involving communities throughout the solution-design process, we can achieve sustainable, meaningful social innovation.

Next-Generation Social Entrepreneurs: How Taking a Big Risk Can Generate Big Community Results
Born between 1980 and 1995, many from this generation have embraced social entrepreneurship as a valid and desirable career track – seeing it less as a ‘career’ in the traditional sense and more as a purposeful path in life. Hear from several Kansas City Gen Y social entrepreneurs, carving out new paths of purpose in creative business models. All generations will benefit from learning what’s working, what’s challenging, and why this model continues to gain momentum.


Sessions and speakers are subject to change.