C3KC is a day to be informed and inspired! A ticket to the event includes your choice of sessions with local and national leaders, including our live conversation with keynote speaker Angela Duckworth. This conversation will be moderated by KSHB News Anchor Dia Wall.



Corporate, Community and Civic Collaboration: Social Innovation That Works – How does effective, positive social innovation happen? Hear from new and established leaders who have intentionally collaborated with corporate, civic and community sectors to bring about remarkable outcomes. We’ll dig into growth mindset, higher purpose and purpose alignment, relationship building strategies, creative ways to intentionally bridge gaps, and much more. These powerful stories will ignite your thinking to spark positive change. Speakers: Rev. Adam Hamilton, Christine Kemper, Brent Lager and Katie Kwo Gerson, Moderator



Unmasking Imposter Syndrome for Equity and Inclusion – Representation matters. Allyship and collaboration can help overcome self-doubt for those in communities with a new or growing seat at the table. What part do you play to enable all sectors to reach their potential? Speakers: Debi Jackson, Alana Muller, Patrick Sallee, India Williams



Philanthropy: Women Controlling Dollars and Decisions, presented by Aperio Philanthropy – Women are set to inherit and earn billions over the next decade—and are already a powerful force for change. How are women leveraging their resources for impact? What opportunities for all sectors are emerging? And, how can women expand their impact today? Speakers: Wendy Doyle, Kathleen Loehr, Jackie VanderBrug and Bianca Derouene, Moderator



Redesigning Cities for Inclusion – From changing policies to landmarks, cities are pivoting their approach to representation and access for all communities, including Kansas City. Speakers: Stephenie Smith, Geoff Stricker, Jacob Wagner, Michele L. Watley


Design Thinking 2.0 – Back by popular demand! Imagine design thinking amplified through a pandemic lens and what that means to move us forward. Speaker: Jason Gaikowski


The Economic “She-Cession” and a Plan for Recovery – Economic repercussions from the pandemic have disproportionately affected women in the workforce: we need new solutions that all sectors can embrace. Speakers: Cordell Carter II, Jessica Palm, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Molly Weaver



Mental Health Refresh, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City – It’s been said mental health is the “fourth wave” of COVID. Is the mental health system prepared and what are the opportunities for improvements to address this critical need? Speakers: Mitchell Douglass, M.D., Lauren Lucht, Elizabeth Muenks, Ph.D., David Oliver



The Wealth Gap: Increasing Financial Access for All Communities – When communities lack financial access, it hinders positive economic growth. Disparities in financial literacy, banking efficacy, wealth building, local investment and the obstacles around access will be discussed. We’ll dig into national trends, Kansas City regional wealth data especially around the racial wealth gap. How can all sectors embrace the importance of improving these conditions for positive change? Speakers: Ruben Alonso III, Gwen Grant, David Warm



The Digital Divide: A Grade Apart – Technology paradoxically connects and divides in the education world. Now, more than ever, the disparities of access among communities are starkly emphasized. Where are we and how far do we have to go? Speakers: Katie Boody, Carrie Coogan, Ina Montgomery, Rick Usher


Looking Back to Soar Ahead – If history has taught us anything, it’s that hard times are nothing new. Sometimes we’ve got it right. Sometimes we’ve got it wrong. How can we learn from our past successes to avoid future mistakes? A discussion of the historical underpinnings that mirror the present and what we can draw from them moving forward. Speakers: DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Alfredo García, Joe Reardon, Sheri Gonzales Warren


Sessions and speakers are subject to change. We are excited to welcome you to be informed and inspired at C3KC. Views expressed by our speakers and participants are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views held by the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri or the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc.