C3KC is a day to be informed and inspired! A ticket to the event includes your choice of sessions with local and national leaders, including our keynote speaker Amanda Ripley.

Childcare – Challenges and Their Consequences

Issues of pay, safety, and stress for childcare workers—all present pre-pandemic—have accelerated since 2020, resulting in a decrease in the number of caregivers and creating serious shortages in available childcare “slots.” The session will cover challenges and their impact.

Childcare – New Thinking for Age-Old Problems

A lack of quality childcare not only affects families but also creates challenges for employers and inhibits economic development. Nationally, city, county, and state governments are finding creative solutions, and discussions are underway in Kansas City to address this issue.

Enabling Economic Inclusion – Building Wealth through Education and Entrepreneurship

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Time has taught us that given opportunities, more people will succeed just by getting the opportunity. There are tools and resources available in the metropolitan area to help people of all backgrounds bridge the wealth gap and build equity.


  • Dr. Jocelyn Evans (Moderator), Henry Bloch Endowed Chair Finance and Associate Dean Bloch School
  • George Fernandez, Executive Director, Pathway Financial Education / PFE [PFE is a 501c3 of Creative Planning located at 18th & Vine]
  • Pedro Zamora, Executive Director, Hispanic Economic Development Corporation
  • Terrence Jolly,*Integrity Capital Management, Jolly & Associates, and Legacy Asset Group

The Reskilling Revolution: Career Literacy and Long-Life Training and Learning

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, adaptability is key to keeping pace as an employee and an employer. There are new strategies to help employers both keep the employees they have and recruit for the employees of the future.


  • Moderator – Tammy Edwards, SVP Community Engagement and Inclusion at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Community”—Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Executive Director of the DeBruce Foundation
  • Corporate” – Lesley Elwell,  SVP and CHRO Evergy
  • “Civic” – Dr. Dred Scott, President of Civic Council of Kansas City

Mental Health – Giving Care to Our Caregivers

In discussions about mental health within the education systems, teachers and parents are often overlooked; yet, mental health within the classroom begins with teachers. Similarly, parents face challenges in their own lives, which have been especially disrupted by COVID. Resources across many sectors can be utilized to address this growing need.

Houselessness – It Takes a Village: Harnessing Community Efforts Through Partnerships

Kansas City has the resources to end houselessness. This panel will feature examples of community collaboration from across the KC metro that offer a road map of what is required to provide the comprehensive array of services—beyond a roof—to be successful.

Health Equity- Innovative Approaches to improve Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Care For Women of Color and Black Women.

African American women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes and experience postpartum challenges. With new research data, policy reform, changes within health care systems, and the training of doulas, outcomes in the Black and Brown communities can be dramatically improved.

Health Equity– Social Determinants of Health

Overall health is determined by living and working conditions, which include access to healthy food, safe housing, and transportation. Systemic change will lead to healthier communities. This panel will feature Kansas City area health leaders engaged in a robust conversation about resource allocation, identifying patients at risk, collaborating on research data, and improving healthcare outcomes for underserved communities.

Philanthropy – Changing Priorities

Always a critical component in improving communities, philanthropic support for addressing social issues are happening with new and bolder steps.  Corporate social consciousness is now an integral part of board room AND C-SUITE conversations alongside company profits.  Addressing issues like CLIMATE CHANGE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE ARE BECOMING BUSINESS PRIORITIES AND INFLUENCING GIVING.

Private foundations are adopting initiatives and seeking collaborations to make positive social change. THE activities and GRANT priorities of these foundations are more visible with clear desired outcomes.


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Updated 12/01/2022