Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award

This award was established by AJLI in recognition of the vision of Mary Harriman, the founder of the Junior League in the United States. It honors a member whose volunteer efforts provide a contemporary link to Harriman’s sense of social responsibility and her ability to motivate others to share their talents through volunteer service. The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, is honored to have two recipients of this prestigious award:

Awd_Win_1_1Adele Hall  1996

Causes:  Philanthropy, Voluntarism, Child Welfare, Education

“The Junior League is a wonderful opportunity for brilliant women to network – to find that this person has a strength that this other person does not have, but together the sum of the parts is much more than the whole would be without them.” 
     – Adele Hall, 2012

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Awd_Win_2_1Mary Shaw “Shawsie” Branton  2011

Causes:  Child Welfare, Diversity

“If there is a need, fill it. It’s not what you have, it’s what you do.”
     – Shawsie Branton, 2011

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