C3KC 2021 has a rich program of local and national thought-leaders. See our Program page for details about each session. 

March 3, 2021
Virtual Event
9:15 am – 4:00 pm CST


9:15 am  Welcome
9:30 am Keynote Speaker Angela Duckworth
10:30 am Take a Break With the Penguins of the Kansas City Zoo
10:40 am Breakout Sessions

  • The Wealth Gap: Increasing Financial Access for All Communities
  • Unmasking Imposter Syndrome for Equity and Inclusion
  • Looking Back to Soar Ahead
11:30 am Roundtable Discussions Breakout
12:00 pm Lunch Break
12:30 pm Breakout Sessions

  • Design Thinking 2.0
  • The Digital Divide: A Grade Apart
  • The Economic “She-Cession” and a Plan for Recovery
1:20 pm Branton/Hall Award Presentation
1:35 pm Chair Yoga Break with Children’s Mercy Hospital
1:40 pm Breakout Sessions

  • Redesigning Cities for Inclusion
  • Philanthropy: Women Controlling Dollars and Decisions, presented by Aperio Philanthropy
  • Mental Health Refresh, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City
2:30 pm

Closing Panel

Corporate, Community and Civic Collaboration: Social Innovation That Works

3:15 pm  Social Networking