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Climate Change: Effects and Answers in Our Region

The Midwest is no stranger to record-breaking heat temperatures and extreme weather. As climate change continues to impact the world around us, high temperatures are creating “heat islands” in urban areas across the nation. These conditions can disproportionately affect those in marginalized communities, but Kansas City is working to prepare.

Health Equity

Today’s health conversations encompass not just traditional health, but also education, housing, and livable wages. These environmental stress factors and lack of access to resources all contribute to a person’s well-being or lack thereof. Kansas City is on the cusp of developing solutions that acknowledge the whole person and not just one part.

FinTech is Revolutionizing Banking

From neobanks to digital banking to cryptocurrency there are multiple innovations in banking that are becoming widely accepted and utilized.  This session will cover those innovations and includes how they can be adopted in communities that have found banking inaccessible and how ultimately those communities will benefit from these changes. 

Philanthropy in a Post-COVID World

The pandemic significantly changed philanthropy and funding. The focus shifted from restricted gifts to unrestricted giving that provided a lifeline during COVID. Now it is leaving many to wonder if unrestricted giving is the new norm. This topic and others related to nonprofit funding will be explored. 

The Future of Neighborhoods

Strong neighborhoods benefit the whole community, so it is important we examine what is working well, and why we should all be invested. This session covers innovative approaches to housing and answers these questions. Organizations including local chambers of commerce and non-profits are taking creative steps to ensure viable housing for all.

The Mental Health Crisis is Getting Younger

Families and schools across the nation are experiencing firsthand how the pandemic, online learning, and social disruptions have impacted our children. Nationally there have been calls for all sectors to break the silence on the growing mental health struggles of all children. Parents, educators, and government can’t fix this emergency alone, but with a focus on children’s early years, the Kansas City community can collaborate to better support overall children’s mental health.

Play to Play

It’s not always about winning or losing. If we embrace the process of play for play’s sake, we reap the benefits of creativity and innovation. A design-thinking approach will help us ALL win and thrive in the 21st century.


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