Advanced Leadership Certification Series

The JLKCMO partners with the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership (MCNL) at the University of Missouri – Kansas City for our Advanced Leadership Certification Series (ALCS). The ALCS program is a series of twelve advanced leadership courses, each approximately three hours long and offered once during a given League year. You do not have to attend all sessions, and you do not need to attend in order; they are built as stand-alone courses, so anyone can take any module along the way. To receive ALCS Certification, jointly given by the JLKCMO and the MCNL, you must complete the entire series of twelve courses.

We have limited spots available for members of other Junior Leagues. For more information, please email the Training Committee.


ALCS Courses

Module 1:  What It Takes To Be an Effective Leader: An Introduction

Module 2:  The Art of Organizing: The Four Frames of Leadership 

Module 3:  Getting Things Done: Influence, Power, and Authority

Module 4:  Leading Teams and Groups

Module 5:  Leading People Through Major Change

Module 6:  Understanding and Dealing with Conflict

Module 7:  Leading Volunteers

Module 8:  Effective Facilitation Techniques 

Module 9:  Basics in the Art and Science of Fundraising

Module 10:  Strategic Planning for Community Organizations and Causes

Module 11:  Staying in the Game: Personal Resilience

Module 12:  Putting It All Together: The Centered Leader