Hello! My name is Susan Moss, and I have the honor of serving as President of the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri for the 2022-2023 League year.

This year we will believe, connect and inspire and come together to Make a Splash in the community. I hope to guide us on re-energizing and engaging with each other and the community to continue building our strong legacy.

The Junior League has so much to offer.  For 109 years we have been promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community.

I encourage each of you to believe in each other and in the impact we can make. I believe that together, we can make a splash in the community and you, our members are our most precious resource. I believe in you!

Now is the time to connect.  After a couple of years of virtual and hybrid events, it is important that we come back together to build those strong connections with each other.  Collaborating and connecting with the phenomenal leaders among our membership is one of the things that makes our League such a unique and inspirational opportunity.

When I think about all of the amazing connections I have made and the opportunities that the League has given me over the years, I feel inspired.  I hope that all of you will feel inspired over the coming year too.

Thank you for your service, commitment, and leadership in the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri.

I challenge each of you to dive into the League year to build on past experiences and find new opportunities to Energize and inspire each other.  Make a difference in the community.  Grow and learn as leaders.  And Make a Splash.





Susan Moss
JLKCMO President, 2022-2023