From Our President


The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri has brought help and hope to the people and organizations of our Community for more than 107 years by taking on tough issues like abuse and neglect, children’s nutrition and women’s self-sustainability. Our focus on empowering and training women to be more effective leaders is leaving a legacy of service that is ready to confront tomorrow’s new issues head on.

Our current area of focus is Women and Children. The JLKCMO’s Signature Programs are League-developed programs in our focus area of Women and Children. The League’s goal is to transfer ownership of these programs once they are fully established. We have developed Signature Programs for three issues:

Abuse and Neglect

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury in women age 15-48. One in four girls and one in six boys will be victims of childhood sexual abuse. To address these sobering statistics, the JLKCMO developed the Hope and Healing Kits program.

Childhood Development

One in five children in our region is food insecure, and 38% of their households do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and must rely on charitable food assistance. In addition, it is difficult for families in poverty to receive adequate health care, as a family of four can earn no more than $353 per month to qualify for Medicaid. The JLKCMO’s Healthy Living KC and Healthy U Family Meals work to address these deep needs in our community.

Women’s Self-Sustainability

Our Empower to Succeed program works with women to help them gain economic independence through sustained employment. In our target area, more than 17,000 women are unemployed, and 36% of their families receive assistance benefits.

I am proud to serve as the President of this amazing, unstoppable group of women who make a difference every day in our Kansas City community!




Karen Crnkovich
JLKCMO President, 2020-2021